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EEC News (2020/02/08)


Technology Services

Enterprise-level blockchain application development services, including but not limited to application of data security system and application of digital assets affirmation and tracking.

Investment Management

Assets digitization and circulation services, including but not limited to supply chain financial services and equity and bond financing management.

Ecology Construction

Co-construct Energy Eco Chain’s Ecology with numerous partners in the fields including energy, finance, public utilities and enterprise services, media, etc.

Latest News

A bonus points exchange system is on the track

Thanks for the visit of Telkom guests! We are going to start our initial cooperation project, using blockchain technology to set up a bonus points exchange system among Telkom, Banks, Airlines, Petro companies. The plan is huge! Let’s work together guys!...

EEC News (2019/11/03)

  易能链参与研发的I5区块链支付系统正式登陆韩国乐天商场 近日,易能链基金会与UDAX科技、韩国韩科(Hancom)集团合作研发的基于区块链技术的支付系统I5正式获准登陆韩国乐天集团在韩国的23家商场,用于乐团集团自营的Lotte Mart超市、Ange-in-us咖啡、Monan百货等零售、餐饮、娱乐等领域品牌的支付。...


根据来自HPX交易所 的最新消息 ,EET/CNYT交易对以及充提通道已重新在该交易所开放。本次开放的交易标的是EET在币安链的交易品种 EET-45C ,与已在币赢交易所 和 UDAX交易所 开放的资产类型相同。...

Energy Eco Chain

As a high-performance hybrid blockchain, Energy Eco Chain (APEC 2018 global partner and main sponsor) is aimed to build a worldwide blockchain ecology and a safer and stabler blockchain network. With the unique hybrid blockchain technology, Energy Eco Chain provides a full range of assets digitization solutions and enterprise-level blockchain application development services for enterprises around the world.

Technology Advantages


Provides multi-signature electronic wallets so multiple decision-makers can co-manage digital assets – this makes ownership of digital assets belong to enterprises rather than individuals.


Provides quicker and more effective process of transaction with 2000 TPS.


Based on the hybrid blockchain’s underlying technology architecture, it possesses both advantages of both public and private blockchains, which can adapt to various business application scenarios.

Smart Contract

Generates customized smart contracts including but not limited to digital assets token issuance, financing management and distributed assets trading with one click on the mouse.


CollinStar Capital

As a world-class fintech leader, we focus on digital currency investment and blockchain infrastructure.


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