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EET(BEP2) Wallet – HPX opened trading for EET-45C


Technology Services

Enterprise-level blockchain application development services, including but not limited to application of data security system and application of digital assets affirmation and tracking.

Investment Management

Assets digitization and circulation services, including but not limited to supply chain financial services and equity and bond financing management.

Ecology Construction

Co-construct Energy Eco Chain’s Ecology with numerous partners in the fields including energy, finance, public utilities and enterprise services, media, etc.

Latest News

易能链币安通证 EET(BEP2) 升级通知 | Energy Eco Chain’s Binance Token – EET(BEP2) Swap

自6月10日起,您可以将持有的两类易能链通证 主链ET2.0 和 EET(ERC20) 通过如下方式更换为易能链币安通证 EET(BEP2): 如果您目前持有的是 主链ET2.0,也就是在 易能链官方钱包 或 ,以及 HPX、UDAX、龙阁等交易所管理的通证,请于6月20日之前将 主链ET2.0 存入 HPX交易所 的个人账户。HPX将于6月20日统一映射为...

EET(BEP2) 常见问题解答

EET(BEP2) 是什么? EET(BEP2) 是易能链在币安链 (Binance Chain) 上发行的资产。类似于在以太坊 Ethereum 网络发行的各类 ERC20 数字资产,在币安链同样可以发行称之为 BEP2 的数字资产;然而与 ERC20 不同的是,BEP2 是“准入制”的,也就是并非所有人都可以在币安链上随意发行资产并进行交易,这类行为需要得到币安的许可。易能链在币安链上发行的数字资产 EET(BEP2) 的技术名称为 EET-45C,您可以在区块浏览器...

易能链 EET (BEP2) 介绍

类似于在以太坊 Ethereum 网络发行的各类 ERC20 数字资产,在币安链 (Binance Chain) 同样可以发行称之为 BEP2 的数字资产;然而与 ERC20 不同的是,BEP2 是“准入制”的,也就是并非所有人都可以在币安链上随意发行资产并进行交易,这类行为需要得到币安的许可。 目前您可以在 上创建可以存储 BEP2 数字资产的钱包,并将易能链在币安链上发行的数字资产 EET (BEP2) 在此管理。您获得的钱包地址是由 42 位数字或字母组成的字符串,并以 bnb 开头...

Energy Eco Chain

As a high-performance hybrid blockchain, Energy Eco Chain (APEC 2018 global partner and main sponsor) is aimed to build a worldwide blockchain ecology and a safer and stabler blockchain network. With the unique hybrid blockchain technology, Energy Eco Chain provides a full range of assets digitization solutions and enterprise-level blockchain application development services for enterprises around the world.

Technology Advantages


Provides multi-signature electronic wallets so multiple decision-makers can co-manage digital assets – this makes ownership of digital assets belong to enterprises rather than individuals.


Provides quicker and more effective process of transaction with 2000 TPS.


Based on the hybrid blockchain’s underlying technology architecture, it possesses both advantages of both public and private blockchains, which can adapt to various business application scenarios.

Smart Contract

Generates customized smart contracts including but not limited to digital assets token issuance, financing management and distributed assets trading with one click on the mouse.


CollinStar Capital

As a world-class fintech leader, we focus on digital currency investment and blockchain infrastructure.


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